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“Judy works with one client at a time in a well sanitized facility. She is completely committed to that client's well being. Her attention to the detail of each person's needs is extraordinary. Besides all that she is a delightful person."


"Even before COVID, Judy's salon was the cleanest and most sanitary practice I've ever found. Meticulous attention to hygiene means that diabetics can have their feet cared for in this salon. Unlike any other local salon, Judy uses an autoclave to sanitize all her instruments. Judy gives a thorough and professional pedicure including skin care. She has obtained extensive training in specialty and rehabilitative practice above and beyond the usual course of study. As an RN, I wouldn't trust my feet to anyone else."


"Judy is a pleasant, professional who is passionate about her work. She was able to handle my grumpy gus who was apprehensive about having his feet worked on. Well surprise to all of us it worked out GREAT! His feet looked 100% better & he felt 100% better. We can't wait for her get back open. She is essential for healthy feet.


Clean & organized solo chair shop."


“Judy is the best at taking care of your nails. Really, THE BEST! And in this "new normal" I want to say she has always had the cleanest business I've ever been to. I would feel safer at Judy's than in my own home! I can't wait until she reopens, and I hope it's soon!"


"After months of sheltering in place, my mom treated me to a pedicure for my rusty feet for my birthday. Judy had two stations set up outside in a courtyard shaded by palm trees and everything was impeccably clean. Her instruments were fresh out of an autoclave and she wore an N-95 mask, a face shield, and rubber gloves. Her personality is delightful - we laughed and laughed as she got all the barnacles off my feet and beautified them. The best part was that the music Judy played reminded me of being outside at a cafe on Kauai...all in all, a fantastic experience! #Recommend"


"I’m only interested in the care of my nails and feet, clearly nothing to do with fashion. I feel very fortunate to be dealing with Judy, a true pro, who is only concerned with the health of your nails and feet. She has her own shop, this is not a salon, where she is the sole specialist."


"Reflecting on my experience with you. Therapeutic psychologically that I could just unload that shit in a few hours given its been several years of pain. While you worked on and gave loving energy to my feet . Foot therapist with the patience of a saint. Thank you again."


"Leaving this review for the excellent work I have always received from Judy. First, I really appreciate the amazing attention that is paid to having an extremely clean and sanitary environment in the shop. It is the first thing I noticed when I finally found Judy's shop several years ago after much searching. She has always done a complete wipe down of chair and floor after each client and hands are always washed and clean gloves used for each procedure. Instruments were always soaked in sanitizing solution but an added benefit now has been the addition of an autoclave for cleaning and sanitizing the tools. In addition to all of the close attention Judy pays to an extremely clean environment she is a true professional paying close attention to the quality and safety of the work she does.


"This salon was immaculate, personal, and private... 


I felt comfortable and safe."


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