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Exclusive Pedicure Experience

Hygenic and Safe Pedicures

We prioritize your comfort and privacy.

Each client is provided their individual service area, ensuring an exclusive pedicure experience.


Meet Judy

Hello dear client!
I'm Judy, founder of Judy's PediCare!

I am a licensed cosmetologist and a certified advanced nail technician (ANT) and Foot Care Nail Technician (FNT) Through nailcare academy, I have had extensive advance training to become a medical nail technician. Thank you for visiting my website! I'm happy to share my journey and salon ethics with everyone who wants to learn more!

Holistic Practice Philosophy

Complying with the State Board, OSHA, FDA and other regulatory agencies, we are committed to be a safe, aseptic, sterile salon.


We focus on the heath, safety and well being of the toes and feet of both men and women of all ages. 


With a health intake completed by the client a special pedicure protocol is planned and specifically aimed to benefit each individual’s needs.


Judy’s PediCare is a certified, safe salon for the chronically ill, geriatric and all individuals seeking safe pedicures and special pampering.


“Judy works with one client at a time in a well sanitized facility. She is completely committed to that client's well being. Her attention to the detail of each person's needs is extraordinary. Besides all that she is a delightful person."

- Liesel

The Health Benefits of Pedicures

Lavender Fields

Feet are a mirror to one's health and regular pedicures are crucial for overall health.


The word pedicure comes from the combination of the Latin words Pes (foot) and Cura (care).

Blood Circulation

Massages promote joint movement and reduce stiffness in the body.

Personal Health

Feet are the one of the most important parts of the body and must be kept up. They require good care because of the complex circulatory system and the weight carried at the location. Health of your feet can affect your overall health. If the feet hurt, the entire body reacts. Anyone chronically ill must have good and safe care or their health can be compromised.

Prevention of Disease

Pedicures and regular toenail trimming prevent problems such as ingrown and infected nails and cracked callouses.

Contact Us

Phone for Appointments

1515 Capitola Rd Suite A,

Santa Cruz 95062 


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