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Meet Judy

Hello dear! My name is Judy.
I'm the founder of Judy's PediCare!

I moved to Santa Cruz in 2009 and instantly fell in love with the town and its community. As a licensed cosmetologist working in a pedicure salon, I soon realized the importance of taking care of one's feet. I've had extensive training to become a professional Medical Nail Technician (MNT).

When the shop owner I was working for move to Montana, I took over her shop. I channeled my knowledge and beliefs about medical and general self-care to create PediCare. I am dedicated to supporting the health of all feet and providing exceptional care.


In order to achieve my goals, the safety and well being of my clients has always been my top priority. I ensure that all tools are sterilized, the shop is constantly cleaned, and everything is bacteria-free for the safety and relaxation of my clients in my salon. I follow a strict salon care routine and emphasize sanitation. Let's work together to keep your feet happy and healthy!


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